This is the email I never wanted to write

Dear Friends,

For the past few years, I have had the gift of an amazing man in my life. Peter and I met each other five years ago, and have been partners ever since. 

We love each other so deeply, but we are aware that we have grown apart and are choosing to end our relationship. I wanted to let you know, because you have all been a part of our romance, and your support has meant so much to me.

Peter and I are both growing in two different directions and it is time for us to uncouple and go our separate ways. We have decided, together, to end the romantic part of our partnership.   

For the past five years, we have been absolutely devoted to each other. We have invested so much in our relationship and loved each other so deeply. 

I know that with Peter’s love behind me – holding me powerfully – I was able to become the woman I was born to be. 


He held me as I released Mastery, held me as I bought my very first home, held me as I moved through Covid, held me as my daughter graduated college and got her first real job. 

I was there for him as he created huge shifts in his career, and took a big leap into a powerful position at his new company. I held him through a major surgery that took months to recover from, and was so so grateful to be part of his family as we celebrated his daughter’s marriage this past summer.

Both of us dreamed of creating a partnership that would last a lifetime, but as we grew together, it became clear this was not meant to be. And that clarity was both humbling and mutual.

This was the most incredible ‘break up’ that I have ever experienced.


Because we hold no bitterness or resentment. In fact, I would say we are better friends now than we have ever been.

As we sat with our truths, we realized we were each heading in two different directions that required our freedom instead of our partnership. And we also recognized that the investment we have made in each other and in this friendship was not going anywhere, nor did we want it to. 

Peter and I began our relationship as friends. And it feels as if that spot is calling us back strongly, right now.


I would like to say that we had a big blow up, or that something was ‘wrong’ – but that just wouldn’t be the truth. 

It’s not even that we don’t love each other. We do. Probably more than ever. 

We just recognize that we have come to the end of this road, together, and we each want more for each other than is possible to give inside of our relationship.

So, with much love, and devotion, and deep appreciation…we are letting each other go.


We are bravely setting foot down our own paths, to whatever is next, knowing we have our deep friendship and love to support us as we take our next steps.

If you feel called to share anything about us, or our relationship, please hit reply and let me know. Thank you for your love and support – it means the world to me.


With so much love and pleasure,

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.


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