Top 5 Ways Women Blow It with Men and How to Triumph


First and foremost, to my sisters who love sisters: read “partner” when I write “men.”
I say “men” because it feels sassier to me.  But all this stuff works both ways; you can even pass it along to your gay guy friends.

Women, we are geniuses.  Brilliant.  Glorious. Powerful.
But if you want to bring a radiant powerhouse to her knees in no time flat, put her right dead across from a guy who she has a ginormous crush on. Or sit her next to her cell phone the day after a hot flirt and watch how many thousands of times she checks for messages.

Or watch what our married, glorious, genius powerhouse does when her well-meaning husband fails to remember her birthday. Or check out her response when she comes home from work, exhausted, to a messy house, no dinner, and her husband is sacked out on the sofa.

A CEO who runs her company with one hand tied behind her back, becomes utterly tongue-tied.
A world leader twitters and swoons like a tweenager at a Justin Bieber concert.
A perfectly reasonable social worker turns into a raging, nail-spitting shrew.
And many, many, many women feel so clueless they just pull themselves out of the game and sit on the sidelines, watching the rest of us make fools of ourselves.

And what you don’t know is this:  I wrote the Womanly Arts as a way of giving myself, and all women, a method to stay grounded and centered as we navigate the world of love, sex, and partnership–with the alien.

Because as soon as we give ourselves up and try with all our might to please our partner, the whole boat sinks.

Click here to listen to my audio guide to the top five ways women blow it with men and how to triumph:

Top 5 Ways Women Blow It with Men and How to Triumph

To recap, here are the top five ways women blow it with men:

1.  They try to stuff the guy into a husband suit way too fast
2.  They don’t tell him what they want, and expect him to read their minds
3.  They do not express their gratitude
4.  They expect him to turn them on, and they stop flirting
5.  They wait, rather than act

And here’s the Pleasure Revolution solution:

1.  Finding fun, no matter what
2.  Desire list
3.  Man-training cycle
4.  Flirtation
5.  Owning and Operating Men

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With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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