What’s tugging on your soul today?


Welcome to this brand new year, and all the opportunity it holds for unparalleled beauty, intimacy, seduction, outrage, intrigue, love, provocation, passion, adventure and mischief in your life.

If the concept of “New Year’s resolutions” inspires even the slightest trace of annoyance, impatience, frustration, crankiness, fear, anger, and/or overwhelm in you, I’ve got good news. Those feelings are the mothers of reinvention.

Why write yet another list that includes those same, worn-out goals you set for yourself last year when you can throw your saddle on the back of the unknown and take a ride on a once nameless longing?

Today, in honor of the New Year, I’m taking you on a tour of the Womanly Art of Reinvention.

Reinvention is a woman’s birthright.
We are cyclical beings, cycling from childhood, to womanhood, to giving birth to ourselves, inventing careers, lifestyles, families, etc. Our bodies reinvent every month, shedding the old, creating anew.
What is reinvention? It is throwing your saddle on the back of the unknown, and taking a ride on a once nameless longing.
What does that mean?
Well, we have all experienced this.
A longing will come galloping into your life. You will feel it—and hear it—rumbling in the distance, long before it arrives, coming for you. The air around you is charged. You feel more intensely alive, more emotional, and more uncomfortable. Reinvention usually begins with frustration, crankiness, impatience, fear, feeling victimized, anger, and overwhelm. That is the form your brand new baby desire takes when she tugs on your soul, to capture your attention. Just like a baby. She cries to awaken you.

How do you know it is time to reinvent?
Well, you might find yourself backed into a corner somewhere in your life. Like facing a divorce, or aging parents, the death of a beloved, or a breakup. Or maybe you feel stuck in a career you hate, or your dating life just isn’t working, you feel resigned that you will never find “the one,” or your marriage has gone flat and boring. Maybe it’s time for a whole new career. Maybe it is the time to totally reinvent your body image. Or to restore your mojo. It may also be that you are totally changing your life in a positive way—like getting married, having a baby, losing weight, moving to a new city. Women are always all about reinvention.

And what is the first step to take, after you begin to notice the yearning inside that is tugging on your soul?
Well, this is the hard part.
Something new always makes us uncomfortable. And the tendency is to want to hide. Or complain. Or blame others for our unhappiness. Or burrow more deeply into what feels familiar. Women have not really been encouraged to grab the nearest vine and take big swing.
And that is what is required, for reinvention.
The big Pleasure Revolutionary swing a woman has to take, to begin to reinvent, is to celebrate now.
You have to celebrate the way it is.
The way it is.
And—one step further on the Pleasure Revolution Highway—you have to Turn Yourself On.
Turn-on sources reinvention. It is always there, you just have to reach for it.
We have to bow at the feet of our turn-on. Rather than turning ourselves off.
Turn-on is the magic elixir that makes reinvention happen. Each of us was born to reinvent, but we can’t do it without the sacred secret called turn-on.

You know what happens when you turn on?
You tune in.
In fact, that is the only way to tune in. It is the only way to tune in to your deepest power. And if you do not turn on, you are going to turn on yourself. Because that is what every woman does. We go to “it’s my fault!” We go to self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-deprecation.
The greatest international epidemic is women turning their backs on themselves. The antidote is turn-on. It is better than a flu shot.
Do you know how to connect with the divine?
We turn on and tune in to our higher power. Historically, in a patriarchal culture, women have been taught that the most sacred part of themselves is profane. We are taught that turn-on is inappropriate. But what does profane mean? It is from the Latin profanum, which means “outside the temple.” And in a patriarchal culture, women were not welcome inside the temple. We were taught that what is most sacred is profane.
The most exquisite piece of you was ushered outside the temple. So you learned to hide your turn-on.
Which squashes your power.
Reinvention happens from turn-on, not turn-off.
When a woman chooses to live in a state of turn-on, she becomes a magnetic field to attract the exact next steps she requires. The people, places and things that will be a part of her reinvention will be drawn magnetically towards her.

So, whaddya say, sister? Ready to set the wheels of reinvention in motion with me right now? First, I want you to think of an area in your life where reinvention has been calling your name. Then, in the comments below, I want you to celebrate that precise area, exactly as it is right now. Get turned on and go all out.

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With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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