Turning Rage Into Fuel

Is it just me?
Or are we living in a world full of hair-triggered, simmering, hitting-the-panic-button, frustrated, angry, scared, desperate human beings – myself included?

We are in the midst of a massive shedding – breaking and transmuting generations of malignant, broken, patriarchal-world-culture ways of being. It is so hard.

I have never boxed professionally, or even amateurly, or, ever, actually 😉  But I feel emotionally punch-drunk – like Rocky staggering through the 14th round.

As soon as I start breathing a sigh of relief, or a little hope floods my soul, I read a headline that decks me with fresh terror.

Sh*&t feels too real for me right now.
And I know that for some, it has been this way for a long time.
More of us feel desperate.
More of us are seeing what has been hidden in plain sight.

As a result, each of us is processing tons more emotional charge.
Meaning that every day, you are not only dealing with your own emotional wild cards, but getting dealt a fresh deck of others’ fear, anger, lack, challenge, and oppression.

How to deal?

The Patriarchal World Culture has encouraged/forced/conditioned women to sit back and let men lead.

Yeah, no.

The relentlessness of hurt and harm and death on oppressed bodies can lead to numbness, and overwhelm. You move through each day just trying to survive.
For others, rage and grief flow like twin rivers inside the body.

Unfortunately, going numb does not keep us safe.

Nor does sinking into paralyzing depression.
And rage? Well, I am going to get to that.

The feminine was built for these times.
The body woman is creation and recreation.

We give life, we bring life, we restore life, whether we ever give birth or not.

It’s just that women have not been taught the architecture of how to use this glorious instrument of ours, to fire up new solutions and choose new neural pathways, to alchemize pain on the inner and the outer. Our innate genius has been oppressed, forced, and shamed right out of us.

But we have the opportunity to support the emerging divine feminine.
Some of us feel a sense of urgency now, to find our own leadership in a new way, an ancient way. To awaken the slumbering feminine genius who lives inside, and let her lead.

You are the one we have been waiting for.
You are the oracle, the high priestess, the great transformer, the source.
(You can feel that, yes?)

So, the question becomes: How to tap in?
Answer: Through the body.

The portal is the one we have been taught to ignore – our sex.

We have been trained to bypass the very seat of creation, recreation, erotic power, our life force.

Yeah, no more.

It’s time for every woman to put her key in her own ignition, turn her Pussy Power on, and lead from whatever spot she finds herself in.

Whether you are in a position of responsibility or a position of feeling trapped, you have the power to assist all of us in climbing out of this mess, by tapping into your deepest truth – your GPS* – and living it out loud.

When you move from your power source and follow your truth north, approval is neither sought nor required.

You just know.

GPS* turns on your inner guidance system and transforms your anger, fear, frustration, desperation – you name it – into fuel that propels you, rather than destroys you.

GPS* is not only what you need, it’s what the world needs.
Even the tiniest drop can change your life.

With so much love and pleasure,

*Great Pussy in the Sky

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Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

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