Let’s create an uproar!

What do you do when you know—deep in your deepest heart of hearts, in the furthest corner of your soul of souls, and your most profound sense of decorum, decency and good taste—that what you are about to do is going to set a lot of people off?
Create an uproar.
Offend many.
And yet, ultimately, set even more people free?
Do you back away?
Or plunge forward?

Some roller coasters have no tracks.
I am on one of those right now.

As you’ve probably heard by now, my brand new book is on its way to bookstores everywhere, in just 5 short weeks. 

And I want to thank you. I would never ever ever—not even ever on earth, moon or stars above—have written this book without your inspiration. I needed every one of your spoken and unspoken desires. I am fueled by your unnameable, unknowable longings. The secret places inside you that want to be heard, seen, celebrated, known. I am so grateful to you.  

I am grateful to those of you who are brand new to The School of Womanly Arts and are still finding your footing.
I am grateful to my grads, to each woman who has chosen to prioritize the terrifyingly empowering journey of learning the roadmap to her sensual brilliance.
I am grateful to live in a world, in a country, where a woman can speak her truth and live her truth—loud and proud.

I wrote this book for you, and with you. 

And today, I invite you to find your spot on this rollercoaster ride with me. 

To thank you for your sisterhood, I made you some special gifts I know you are going to adore, when you preorder your copy. 

The gift I am most excited about is a live evening workshop and celebration that I’m co-hosting with my pals Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, and Gabby Bernstein. It’s called Woman Up, and we still have a few seats left to join us live in NYC. Plus, I’m thrilled to announce that you can also join us on Livestream, from anywhere in the world. Yes! 

Click here to learn more, and get in-person or online access today. 

Woman Up is going to be the largest, most glorious pussy party that the world has ever seen. Already have your ticket? Fantastic! Grab some girlfriends to join in. 

We are going to crack open the provocative and essential conversations we need to be having as women.
We are going to dance our asses off.
We are going to explode this movement of awakened, radiant, alive womanhood like never before. 

This will be the night where my big fat yes to creating this uproar will get launched and celebrated. And here is what I know will happen: that big, unnameable, outrageous desire that lives inside of you will get a huge dose of inspiration, not just from me, but from my amazing, brilliant, and inspiring sisters — Marie, Kris and Gabby.

We all need sisterhood to launch our big dreams.
And this book is here to make all of our dreams come true. Even better than true. And that’s so Pussy.

Once again, everything you need to know about my book, the event, and special thank you gifts is right here

All my love,

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