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We have a history, here, at The School of Womanly Arts, of Sister Goddess Activism. What is Sister Goddess Activism? When a woman stands for another woman’s pleasure. It began two years ago, with Sister Goddess Melanie. She went completely unbound as a Pleasure Revolutionary, and brought her Mob—a whole row of girlfriends—to the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion. Last year, I took Sister Goddess Shar to lunch at the Raleigh, with seventeen of the girlfriends she brought to World Wide. These women stood for, and changed the lives of their sisters. I deeply honor them.

So, I want you to give you a fun way to do activism in the way that Sister Goddesses have been doing activism with World Wide for the last 3 years. And make it even more fun and fabulous for you to participate.

This Miami is different from any other Miami. This year we are launching the Unbound Olympics. The woman who brings the most sisters to Miami is the one who has the best chance of winning a free seat at Mastery!!

We have a special Sister Goddess rate of $299 for Miami, if you bring a girlfriend.  For every woman you bring to Miami, another entry with your name on it gets put in the pink hat, and at the end of the weekend, I will draw the winner.  And yes, I will also take you and your gang to lunch!

So, to join the Unbound Olympics:

1. You must first enroll in World Wide online and then

2. Declare yourself a contender by Monday at 5PM, by clicking the link below. [Sorry, sisters, the deadline for this has passed.]

3. And you must stand for at least one woman who is new to The School of Womanly Arts to attend the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion in Miami.

The more sisters you bring, the greater your chances to win. You will never be unbound without changing somebody’s life. And the more outrageous you are, the more unbound you become. When we are in Miami, your chances for winning the gold medal will increase with every outrageous act you perform. More details on that to follow at the Reunion.

This is my way of showing my appreciation of Sister Goddess Activism. Thank you for creating the Pleasure Revolution with me.  Nothing turns me on more than women standing for women, sisters standing for one another’s pleasure.


I cannot wait to get unbound with you in Miami!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

This event already happened. Check out the Mastery Program.

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