Warning: What Happens in Miami May Not Stay in Miami

Miami is not just inside the classroom.
We take over South Beach.
At random times, you might find pink rose petals floating in the aqua ocean.
Or Sister Goddesses gathering at dawn to write their desires in the sand.
A runway appears, at the Delano.
One of my favorite days is Friday, when the entire Inner Circle takes over the spa at The Standard Hotel.

It is an aural experience; I listen to the sounds of outrageous hooting and yelping as the Inner Circlets indulge in the mud at the outdoor mud lounge.
Or shrieks of laughter as we go from the hot plunge to the icy cold plunge.
Or the yummy moans of pleasure in the salt scrub, hammam, and vichy shower.
Or the tinkling sounds of silverware on china, and the buzz of good deep conversation, as we sit outdoors on the bay, eating the most incredible lunch of mahi mahi, Greek salad, and special, secret Mama Gena cookies that The Standard Hotel only makes for us.

All the bliss pours into the classroom that evening, as the Mastery students arrive in Miami, and we kick off a weekend of indulgence in the hot, sweet power of desire—unbound—and my Inner Circle stand as wing women, to speed along the desires of the entire Mastery community.
It was poetry to witness Sister Goddess Leslie connect to the deepest, best part of her soul, after searching so long.
And who could even believe, watching Sister Goddess Molly strut her stuff, loud and proud—and I am not kidding—into the classroom.
And what about the scorching, eternal fire, burning brightly in Sister Goddess Elvira?
And please. Don’t even speak to me about Sister Goddess Ayodele. From the Oprah Show, in her church lady hat, to ceremonies and rituals at the ocean that carried the whole classroom to new heights and depths of love.

How do I even stand myself, throwing such a damn good party?
Hope to see you all there in November for World Wide!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. The hot guy in the picture? He helped me with an entrance, and then, well, we got a little carried away…

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