We have to do THAT—again?


We have to do that—again?
But I just re-created myself!
I thought I dealt myself a brand new set of cards, after taking untold risks and doing a gut reno on my life.
Why again??
(Big exhale.)
It’s all about desires, sisters.
As women, we are the holders, the bearers, the inhabitors of so many magnificent desires.
Desires that break us and remake us.
Shake us and stir us.
Wake us in the middle of the night.

We are always being called forward by new desires—whether it’s the desire to become a mom, change careers, start a business or re-enter the dating scene. Sometimes we’re forced to re-invent. Perhaps your relationship just ended, you’ve been laid off from your job, or having to revamp your diet after a health scare.

Often the aching urge to change is as uncomfortable as the dazzling fear of change.
And whether it’s been thrust upon you by some outrageous set of circumstances—or your deepest truth has caught up with you and is calling your name so loudly that it’s waking the neighbors—you have a choice.
Or do you?
Change or be changed.
Are you going let this opportunity bring you to your knees, or are you going to jump on its back and fly?!

One of the most amazing Intro courses I ever did was dedicated to this very subject. The topic was actually CHOSEN by my community when I asked them what it was they wanted me to teach them. At that event, I revealed the 6 Steps to Reinvention, and I am revealing them here to you again today.

I want you to experience yourself as the powerful source of creating WHATEVER you want to in your life. YOU are capable of creating your destiny. I believe in you utterly and completely. I’ve outlined the steps below, but I invite you to watch the video for the full description of each step.

6 Steps to Reinvention:

1) Reinvention is always initiated by unhappiness of some sort. Locate your despair and celebrate what is making you miserable.

2) Create a desire list.

3) Tell EVERYONE your desires.

4) Play dress-up. Dress up as whatever you want to invent yourself to become.

5) Lunge at ANYTHING that has even the smallest tug of interest to you.

6) Use the School of Womanly Arts tools of Bragging, Gratitude and Desires to create what’s next.

So, dive in. With your Sisters. Here and now. No lone rangers. Reinvention works best in community. In fact, if you know a woman who is in the midst of reinvention, forward this post to her.

And if it’s you who’s in the midst of a reinvention, let the games begin! After all, YOU are one hot sexy genius. Tell me how in the comments below.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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