What I Wish Demi and Whitney Knew


Wow, what a night, what a night, what a night!
I am sitting here, overwhelmed and overjoyed by the explosion of outrageous fun and deep celebration at “The Radical Step That Changes Everything” Intro night at the School of Womanly Arts. This night was so meaningful to me. Why? Because of the content we plowed through, blew open, and restructured.

Because enough is enough.
I am at maximum tolerance.
Women have been raised so differently from men. Men are encouraged to swing out, mess up, and fail. Women, on the other hand, have been taught to keep it down, keep it small, and not to take risks.
I mean, look at Steve Jobs! Or Bill Clinton! Or Donald Trump!
These are all men who won wildly, and lost wildly, and then got up, dusted off, and won wildly again, in their lifetimes.

Women are not so generous with themselves. When we make what we consider a mistake, we attack ourselves, both guns blazing.
I mean, check out our sister Demi Moore, who has been all over the tabloids. All she did was marry a cute, hot, younger, A-list actor. She had a fun, hot relationship with him for eight years and then, it ended with an explosive indiscretion. And now, she is attacking herself and blaming herself and really, really hurting herself. Demi! Stop yourself!! You are an amazing, ravishing, powerful woman no matter who you marry or divorce!
Listen, sister. You did nothing wrong.
(And don’t even get me started on our beloved oh-so-recently-passed sister, Whitney….)

This kind of thing enrages me.
Every woman has an inner Demi, an inner Whitney–that part of ourselves that turns on ourselves and attacks ourselves when we do not measure up to our own expectations.
And last week, we shattered that story into a million little pieces and released a flood of starlight into the world, with 250 women, together–just for the wild fun of it–making and taking a radical act of pleasure, together.

Keeping it small is sooo last week.
Women are all legends–with their lids on.
And with you by my side, we are going to bust through and open a brand new radical trajectory for women.
The School of Womanly Arts teaches women to make a mega-huge splash on the canvas of life.
We teach women to erupt like volcanos and pour our own particular hot lava all over whatever our hearts most deeply desire.
And when she hits a wall–as every woman inevitably does–she knows how to pick herself up, dust herself off, and take it even higher, bigger, louder and prouder the next time.
And I want that experience for you, for me, for every woman, with every fiber of my being.

Come take a radical step with me.
If you’re ready to take the lid off the legend that lives inside you, call The Palace at 212-787-2411 x1 or click here to enroll online, before it’s too late.
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With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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