What do negative thoughts feel like?


I am still drenched, saturated, steeped in the beauty, power, and cell-changing energy that we created in Miami.
No kidding, Sisters.
It was Nuclear. Fission.
That’s what we were doing all weekend.
Live alchemy.
Which gets amplified in the most astonishing way when we come together as a community to kneel, together, at the altar of Desire.

When our community comes together, like we do in Miami, or Mastery, there is no way that a woman cannot get what she wants.
We become the Desire manufacturing center for the world.

I wish I could ladle you up a bowl of hot savory Miami that we could sip slowly together, like hot cocoa at an ice rink, steam rising, nourishing our bodies, our souls, our deepest longings.
I want you to have what we all had.
Well, it is time for the women – not just the women of Miami – but the women of the world to become Unleashed.
And what does it mean to be Unleashed?

It means living in a way that you are operating at your best, your highest, your most radiant.
Not just occasionally, like when you have a good hair day or you get laid, but as your default.
Imagine if your ‘go to’ set point was you Unleashed? Ecstatic? Joyed and overjoyed?

Here is the good news.
It is not harder than being miserable.
In fact, it’s actually much easier.
It’s just an extremely hard neighborhood to get to, when you have never been there, and it is really impossible to stay there, if you do not have the tools.

A few years ago, Dr. Christiane Northrup came to speak at Mastery. She is a frequent speaker, and this time, she did something that I never saw her do before.

She asked everyone in Mastery, who’d had a spontaneous healing, to stand up.
She made each woman take the microphone, and speak about what happened to her, and how she had healed from some grave physical impairment.
It took me a few years to really understand the science behind what was happening to women in the Mastery room, but I get it now and I want to share it with you.

For the most part, in the here and the now, women treat themselves like shit.
What do I mean by that?
Well, before a woman even gets out of bed in the morning, she has already engaged in a long-standing habit of self-criticism, self-doubt and self-attack.
Should I get up? Or press the snooze button one more time?
I am so lazy, and I am so tired, and I hate my job, and I have nothing to wear, and there are bags under my eyes, and I am so fat, and my hair is out of control and I have a pimple, and I should have gotten up earlier and gone to the gym, no wonder I don’t have a boyfriend…blah blah blah.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cell in her body?

Let’s pretend.

There you are, sleeping nicely, resting up as best you can.
Then, suddenly, instead of being bathed in the warm sweet morning sunshine you start to get attacked by a hailstorm of cortisol, a product of negative thoughts.
What do negative thoughts feel like?
They feel like getting choked in a thick swamp of cortisol, or stress hormone.
Every time a woman attacks herself with self-doubt or self-deprecation, she bathes her cells in stress hormone, which immediately depresses the immune system, weakens the muscles, depresses bone growth, suppresses fertility, stimulates gastric acid, weakens memory, creates inflammation, creates anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain.

Your thoughts actually turn your perfectly plump, happy, healthy cells into deadly missiles directed at YOU.
And without realizing it, or even considering that indeed there is another option, you are slowly collaborating with your body to silently and consistently poison your health.

No kidding, Mama.
You can control the destiny of your cells with the power of your thoughts. {Click to tweet this!}
You think good ones? Guess what? You flood your body with Nitric Oxide, flipping on the neurotransmitters, creating beta endorphin and prolactin, which reduce stress, reduce cortisol, and create feelings of euphoria and a sweet sense of bonding.
In other words, you actually regenerate your cells and flood yourself with health and well being with the power of your thoughts.

But how do you live in a way that allows you to control what you bathe your sweet little cells in?

That, my darlings, is where the discipline of pleasure comes into play.

A woman unleashed is a woman that takes on the negativity of the culture, the challenges of her life, the stress, the overwhelm, by pulling off the most unlikely move.
She reaches – like a kamikaze pilot – for a hot wet serving of pleasure, no matter what is happening in her life. As if her life depended on it.
Because it does.

Join me in the comments below and tell us:

What do you do when the stress hits the fan?
What do you reach for?
Chocolate? Pizza? A cigarette? A piña colada?
Or do you reach for a serving of pleasure?
And if so, what Tools or Arts serve you?
What ignites you when your flame is flickering?

With so much love & pleasure,


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