What to Do with Your Man During Miami


It’s SG Melinda here from the Pleasure Palace! For two years I’ve been working on my husband to come to Miami, and for the past two years, he’s had all the reasons under the sun not to join me. I didn’t let it stop me, though, as there is nothing hotter for a marriage than a juiced up woman–and what better place for a woman to juice herself up than a weekend away with Mama and her sisters?!

This year, my husband said YES and will be joining me in Miami!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! So I thought I’d share all the juicy nuggets that I’ve gathered over the years to keep your man entertained while you are in Miami…no matter if he is staying at home or joining you on the sunny beaches! For you gals who are leaving your guys at home, here are 5 ways you can keep your guy entertained until you return. And for you gals who are bringing your man with you to Miami, I’m giving you 5 delicious ways for you to keep your man amused while you’re in sessions with Mama Gena and your sisters!

If your guy is staying at home:

1. Cut out the weekend’s football schedule and leave it on the table
2. Send him daily text messages or leave him daily voicemails with notes of appreciation and gratitude
3. Share 3 of your desires with him and ask him to surprise you with one of them when you return
4. Let his friends know that he’s going to be a “bachelor” for the weekend
5. Ask him to put in overtime at work so he can take off a day when you return and enjoy the Miami juice you’ll be bringing home to him

If your guy is coming with you to Miami:

1. Make sure he is firmly planted on a beach chair in front of the National Hotel when all the pink towels come out
2. Before you leave your hometown, find out 3 things that he wants to experience while in Miami
3. Introduce him to another SG’s guy before you leave for Miami
4. Bring him to the Pink Party and introduce him to every SG there
5. Coordinate him to participate in Mama’s entrances

Ready to take yourself and your guy higher?!!
8 days ’til The World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion kicks off.

Join us!

With pleasure,

SG Melinda

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