What to get this Mama for Christmas


We all have it, don’t we?
Those spots where we are stuck, instead of inspired.
I have mine.  You have yours.
I will show you mine, if you show me yours.
In fact, I am not going to be able to solve mine alone.  None of us are, really.  How do I know this?  Well, I have been solving it alone for a long time and I am still stuck.
But my ego is large.
So, I keep on trying.  All by myself.
But I realize, if I am about to teach an Intro called ‘A Life Unbound’—I have to unbind myself.
And unbinding happens most effectively in only one place—in one way: COMMUNITY.  The Sister Goddess Community.

So, now I want to use this incredible community, and ask you for your help.
What do I want?
A man.

Not just any man.  I want a five-star guy.  And I know you know one.  And you may not have known that I want one.  Now you do.  This is my Christmas wish, my New Year’s desire.  I am ready for fun, ready for love, ready for partnership.
I am one powerful woman.  Hot.  Naughty.  Sweet.  Sacred.  Outspoken.  Devoted.   Raw.  Brilliant.  Funny and fun.  A guy has to be able to handle all that.

And he?  He makes me laugh.  He has the kind of sense of humor that notices the divine details.  He loves his work and knows his calling. He gives me space.  He is an amazing Dad.  He is a great communicator and knows how to recover after a conflict.  We have killer chemistry.  My full-throttle power turns him on. He loves women.  He serves the world.  People sometimes miss how amazing he is because he is so understated.  He is curious.  He listens.  Loves sex, loves to work out, loves art, music, horses, being outdoors, keeping busy and doing nothing.  He is a devoted friend.   He even cooks.

We are sitting outside at Le Dock in Fair Harbor, sharing a bowl of mussels, wine, watching the sunset.
Or throwing together an impromptu dinner party, because we just found out some friends are in town.  He grills.  I make Potato Milanese with tomatoes from the garden.
I go riding, he goes running, we come home and I tackle him, sweaty.
He surprises me with tickets to the Met, a down-to-the-ground-gown, a car and driver, and we get swept away by Puccini.  We both cry.
I am off for a few weeks with my daughter, he is off on his adventure, and we send sexy texts every day.
Sounds good, right?
So, I ask you-who do you have for me?

I am asking each of you—because I know that you are my sisters and that you have my back and only want the best for me. Leaning into all of you is a requirement for me making forward motion on my desire. Having Sister Goddesses cheering me on, bringing me guys, believing in my desire for love and partnership is ESSENTIAL for me to move past all those limitations and doubts that have kept me in my single status.

Here’s what I’d love to do…

If you know and want to send me an amazing man who lives in the New York area, send me an email at aman4mama@mamagenas.com and tell me about him by Monday, January 3rd. (Oh my Goddess, I can’t believe I’m doing this!!!!!)

Here’s what I’d love you to tell me in the email:

1.     Why do you love him?
2.     Why he would be a good guy for me.
3.     And why he is Goddess-worthy.

I’m going to pick the 20 guys that turn me on. And if your guy is in the top 20, then I will e-mail you my contact info by Friday, January 7th, so he can call me.

Oh my Goddess—this is exhilarating and outrageous.  But if this is what it takes to get me unbound, unstuck and unleashed, and get me my guy, then I’m in!
I will keep you posted on the blog, and of course, update you at the Intro.

And let me return the favor…

By the way, I am DEEPLY COMMITTED to helping you get unbound and unstuck. Come to my Intro on January 20th, and let me give you the tips, the tools, the technology to get out of that spot where you are chained down. I so want you to have your desires. Together everything is possible.

‘A Life Unbound’ (open to all women 18 years and older)
Thursday, January 20th, 2011
7:00-10:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Lighthouse International
111 E 59th Street, NYC (between Park & Lexington Avenues)
Cost: $50.00



With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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