What’s a Girl to Do?

Are you a woman who gets overwhelmed by too many choices?
When you get a list of pleasurable offers, does your ability to decide fly right out the window? Do worries of choosing the wrong thing or having to ration your time and money cloud your judgment?
Isn’t it funny that when you’re faced with a list of obligations, you suddenly become a decision-making ninja?!
Ahhh…what a conundrum. But not for Sister Goddesses.
Why? Well, one of the key skills Sister Goddesses learn is how to listen to their DESIRES.
That’s right.
They learn to let pleasure and fun and desire plot the course.
They learn that the logic that helps them make so many decisions, keep so many things going, and makes them such a rock star in every other area of their lives has no place in the land of desires.
Imagine trusting yourself so much, knowing yourself and what lights you up so well, and being able to hear that tiny, insistent voice of your divinity that lies beneath all that logic and reason. Imagine how different the experience of your day-to-day life will be.

If you’re up for that game, if you’re truly ready to live as a Sister Goddess, as a Pleasure Revolutionary — I’ve got something for you.

I’ve designed the rest of 2010 to include three INCREDIBLE opportunities for you to go for your pleasure — FULL OUT.

Each one is distinctly different. Each one has its own amazing design, and its own unique pace. You can take each one individually, or in combination. They are perfect for both new Sister Goddesses and grads alike. The one thing they all have in common is the opportunity to come together in community and learn and practice the Womanly Arts.

If that interests you, turns you on, piques your curiosity — fantastic! Notice that, and follow through with it by clicking on the links below for a description of each program.

But wait — if you really want to know whether any of them are truly your desire, I invite you to read each description and pay attention to your body. She’ll let you know. She’ll give you the signals — it might be the quickening of your heartbeat, a tug in your chest, goosebumps all over, a smile erupting, a feeling of fear/excitement. Put on your research cap and check out my delectable offerings:

Okay, pleasure researcher — what did you notice?

“Oh no, I want to do that one, but it’s ______ (fill in the blank).” Or “Yikes, I found that I really want to do all three!” Or, “I wish this lady would quit creating programs so I could just KNOW what I’m supposed to do!” If any of those responses came up — you know that LOGIC is running the show. To override this, just say “thank you” to that part and let yourself get back to feeling your response. And when you’re ready, or if you have questions and want to talk to an experienced Sister Goddess — call my enrollment team at 212-787-2411 x1 to discuss your findings and help you enroll in the program that’s right for your next step in the Pleasure Revolution.

Darlings, there’s no shortage of good that can come your way or the amount of pleasure you can have! You don’t have to ration your fun! Over the years, I’ve seen miracles happen when a woman gets clear on desire. The money shows up, the obligations clear, whatever stands in your way takes care of itself.
My request to you is to stand in the desire and simply explore your appetite for the Womanly Arts.

Thanks for playing. That, in itself, is a huge step for your desires!

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

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