When you take on the impossible


I am so in it.
So deep.
And I want to take you inside.

Every thought I have, every step I take is in pure service to the event we are creating this weekend, called The Womanly Arts Experience. I am excited, nervous, and deeply, deeply engaged.

For me, right now, it’s all about what to wear, practicing the best songs for the entrances, polishing the perfect exercises, reviewing the pacing, and finalizing the most incredible venue for the party Saturday night.
It is the first time that the school has ever produced an event for 880 women, and we are sold out, with a huge waiting list.

But if we go back a few months, when I got this idea into my head, we had literally no idea that this would happen. We were going to be happy if 500 women came. Ecstatic if we got 600. Over the moon if 700 showed up. 880 wasn’t even a thought at the time.

But something happens when a woman engages. Truly engages. Heart mind body soul, engages. What she stands for on the inner, begins to shift the outer.

When you take on the impossible, the really big energies line up so that you attract the outrageous. (Click to tweet!)

The power of her desire sends an invisible hook out into the universe, which starts to draw in not only her greatest heart’s desire, but so much more besides.

Not only have we filled the house for the Womanly Arts Experience, but the Daily News came by and did a whole-page feature on me and the School, which generated so much traffic that our website kept toppling down all day. Next, the London Times came and did an interview with me. Talk about the power of attraction!! And the event has not even happened yet.

And this is what I will be teaching women, this weekend.
That each of us has the power to create anything we desire, when we know what we want, and go for it, dialed in to our deepest passion – for the pure raw fun of it.
The miraculous is only a risk away. (Click to tweet!)
Yup, you heard me.
Only a risk away.

What miraculous are you going to risk, for yourself, today?
Please share with me in the comments, below.
I want to know what your greatest passions are, and your greatest fears.
They can hold hands as we jump off the cliff, together. 🙂

In so much love and pleasure,

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