Why did I feel so empty

I had done it.

I’d created the thing I had always dreamed of creating: a classroom filled with the crackling, connected, pulsating energy of hundreds, even thousands, of women, standing together in sisterhood – some for the very first time, some as core community members – all instantly bonded. 

So why did I feel so empty? So incomplete?

Again and again, I’d built containers in which every key on a woman’s emotional, physical, and spiritual piano was invited to play. My students and I had raged madly together, wept our ancient bones together, and raised the roof dancing in rapturous celebration of the privilege of life itself. 

I had watched whole generations of women emerge from my courses feeling stronger and more independent than ever.

But it left me – the woman – empty.

I could feel that there was something beyond what I had already accomplished…a new frontier to explore. 

I had taught my students to break through the patriarchy, to awaken their true longings and desires, and to access the freedom, power, and erotic aliveness that lives within.  

But the realm I had yet to touch – yet to master – was that of partnership and love.

Like many warrior women, I had accomplished the heights of what was possible in supporting myself, my kid, and the broader world.

And I wondered how, or even if, I could learn to be as effective, adorable, amazing, impactful, soulful, fully expressed, poetic, artistic, and loving in my life with my beloved – as I was as a teacher and mentor to thousands.

I wanted this, but I had no idea how to get there. It seemed like every single thing I did, or did not do, ate away at my self esteem, rather than added to it.

I literally loathed the woman I was in partnership.

I was a fucking bitchy brat a$$hole.  

I was selfish, self absorbed, uncaring. I avoided intimacy, which meant I was avoiding my partner almost all the time. I felt trapped, choked, stuck. Powerless. 

It was absurd and unthinkable. How could a woman THIS empowered in her career, be so utterly disempowered in her love life? 

Which is exactly how I knew what my next steps should be.

See, to truly embody the feminine, you have to be open to change. Willing to constantly evolve in the name of what serves you…

And for me, that next edge-press is partnership and the Art of Surrender, my four-week workshop that kicks off on April 21st. (Enrollment is open here!)

If anyone else finds themselves in this same boat of being so accomplished, so empowered in your work, but so incredibly lost in the world of relationships – this is the course for you.

Come join me in the Art of Surrender as I articulate the steps and building blocks for how to unclip each chunk of armor, throw it down, and instead, surrender to the intimacy, love, trust, and true partnership that you long for.

I will be co-leading this course with my partner of many years, Peter. And when you sign up to join, you’ll be invited to bring your partner, spouse, lover, or main squeeze, as your guest. 

This course is open to everyone, no matter how you identify or who you choose to love. Women, men, and everyone in-between and beyond that binary are welcome inside my classroom. This is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ participants. A safe space for trans men and women. A safe space for anyone who has ever wanted MORE from their romantic relationships.

So if you’re ready to move beyond your own single-minded desires, and into the space of equitable and energizing partnership, click HERE to reserve your seat in the Art of Surrender workshop. 

I am so ready to take what I’ve learned as an embodied feminine warrior, and use it to take your love life to unimaginable heights. 

Sign up right here and I’ll see you – and your partner – on April 21st!


With so much love and pleasure,

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.


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