Why Go Out When I Can Just Stay In?


Anything but simple.
No matter how much we WANT to expand and explode and unbind, moving a woman to a hot new neighborhood is no easy task.
We cling like a bumper crop of Virginia creepers to the familiar landscape of our old boundaries.
Why go out when I can just stay in?
Why ask for a raise when I might piss off my boss?
Why flirt with that guy when he might reject me?
We cling oh so tight, even when the old neighborhood threatens to choke our growth.
Which brings me to Miami.

Why Miami, Mama Gena?
Why haul a crew of Sister Goddesses out of their homes, out of their apartments, out of their familiar surroundings? And plunge them into the heart of South Beach? Sun? Surf? Nightlife? Sisterhood?
Well, when you change a woman’s location, you can change her point of view.
When you change a woman’s outer landscape, you can expand her inner landscape.
Perspective creates……perspective.
Watch this slideshow.
If your pulse begins to race a bit, your heart begins to pound a little, and you start to salivate…then that is your destiny calling your name.
Time to leap, she is saying.
Time to change your neighborhood.
Time for YOU.

I will see you at the World Wide Sister Goddess Reunion…

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. Eighteen Unbound Olympians are competing for the gold medal prize of a free seat at Mastery…but only one will win! We will be turning up the heat on the competition in Miami…stay tuned!

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