Why Is Dating So Hard?

There are millions of us out here.  Women who are between lovers, widowed, divorced, or just simply exploring the world of relationship.  Women who are longing for love.  Longing for sex, longing for intimacy.
Such beautiful longings.
And there are millions of men* out here.  Men who love women, men who love sex, men who long for intimacy, men who want to make women happy.
Beautiful, amazing men.
Sounds like it shouldn’t be that complicated.
Should just all work out like a dream, right?
Longing meets Longing and lives happily ever after in the land of fulfillment?
The ingredients are solid.
Hearts pure.

We are – each and every one of us – a delicious, hot woman (or man), wrapped in a package of disappointments, doubts, and yearning.
Like a tightly wrapped tamale.
If we are new to the game, we might be scared of getting hurt.
If we have had heartbreak, we might be scared of having another one.
If we have lost a beloved, we might be scared of losing again.
So how do you take this hot, piping package and set her up on the road to her next adventure in intimacy – in a way that allows her journey to be guided by her beauty, rather than her fear?
How does a woman move forward, heart open, with dazzling desire lighting her way and guiding her with confidence and style to getting what she wants with men?

There is a 3-part recipe that I am going to reveal to you, today, that works seamlessly for every woman, no matter how tightly her tamale is wrapped.
The first step is the warm-up.
Like any workout, we have to make sure you are feeling supple and ready, inside, before we begin.

  1. Grab my book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and do the exercises in the chapter on The Womanly Art of Owning and Operating Men.
  2. Shop.  You know how you are when you shop.  You look in the window of a store and admire what they have.  Or you actually go into the store and pick up a purse or two and admire it, or maybe try on a dress that you think might work.  But often, we just leave a store and don’t buy anything.  Which is what I want for you, now.  Don’t date yet, just talk to men.  When you see a cute one, tell him.  When you are near a guy who could do something for you, like lift your bag into the overhead rack on a plane, ask him.  When you see one that seems fun, go say hello.  Don’t worry about his age, his appropriateness, we are just warming up.  Remember, no buying.  Shopping only.
  3. The final step is to make a desire list of experiences that you might like to have with a guy.  Think about where you might like to go, what you might like to do, what kinds of experiences you might like to have and write them down so that you can enjoy yourself imagining the wonderful adventures ahead for you.  Not to mention, you will be ready when he asks, “What would you like to do tonight, baby?”

You will notice that there is no dating in this blog on dating.
Nice, huh?
As you know, my darlings, everything truly delicious is a result of excellent planning and preparation.  In the comments below, let me know how this sits with you, where you are in your dating life, and then, how all this prep shakes out on your hot tamale this week.

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

P.S. The contents of last weekend’s Spring Mastery 2012 trip to Miami are too hot to divulge. If you’re a tamale ready to get untied, join us at the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend.

*For my sisters who love sisters, please read ‘partners’ or ‘hot women’ in that sentence. 

photo: lizlinder.com

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