Why Is My Chandelier Filled with Post-its?


I woke up this morning, and my house is covered in Post-its.
Every color you can imagine.
Each Post-it contains a desire.
There are fields of these desires all over the walls, ceiling, chandelier, doors, mirrors, furniture.
I love being surrounded by them.
Because I have been leading Inner Circle for five years now.
And I know something about desire.
And Inner Circle.


Inner Circle is the one place on earth that insists that a woman’s desires come true.
The whole purpose is to fan the flames of women’s desires, and turn those desires into reality.
Inner Circle, which is only available to Mastery grads, was created to allow a woman to tend to the fire of her desire, and teach her the architecture, the structure, and the tools, and let her go wild with bringing her desires out of darkness and into reality.
Anyone can do it.
What do these women want? Love.  Legendary love.  Deeply inspiring work.  Smokin’ sex.  To own the woman they are.  To love every inch of their flesh.  To make deep connections.  To become a great mom.  To live their spiritual connection.

And last week, we had an Inner Circle Reunion.  Women who know this architecture intimately, alongside their guests, were conjuring like crazy.
The air was thick with creation.
And why do I love this house full of fluttering Post-its?
Because I know that I am standing in a field of what’s next.  Each of these little desires is like a seed that has been planted.  And I am standing inside what is to come.
And I know that the world will be immeasurably enhanced for these desires coming true.
That is the nature of desire.
It is the most powerful force on earth.
And Inner Circle is the central headquarters.

During each cycle of Inner Circle, I bring in a bevy of guest experts, each fluent in a particular facet of the mind/body/soul of woman. This round we will be joined by:

Kris Carr: New York Times bestselling author and wellness coach
Barbara Stanny: the leading authority on women and money
Dr. Christiane Northrup: women’s health and wellness visionary
Steve Chandler: my own personal business mentor
Dr. Anne Davin: depth psychologist and my creative/business partner
Dr. Steve Bodansky: sensuality expert and author of several books on “Extended Massive Orgasm”

My wish for you?
That each of you reading this could join me to experience this.  It is the unique work of woman–to be the creator and the creation, all at the same time.
That is me, that is you, that is woman.
You can add fuel to your own desires right now by posting a few in the comments section below. Intoxicate me with the delicious fragrance of what’s next for you.

With so much love and pleasure,

Mama Gena

P.S. If you’re a Mastery grad who’s feeling the pull to join Inner Circle, call The Palace right now at 212-787-2411 x1. Do not hesitate.

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