Wild Cherry: One of the Tantalizing Flavors of Sistergoddess.com

Okay. I have been having a BLAST on Sistergoddess.com reading and responding to posts from all over the globe — and it simply rocks me and rolls me to see the new women just take these tools and fly. One such woman jumped into the homework and set the boards on fire with her posts. Sister Goddess Wild Cherry BLEW ME AWAY with the absolute most exquisite, delicious, tantalizing, juicy womantra I’ve ever read in the history of the School of Womanly Arts! I wish I could post it right here, right now, but it would blow up your spam filters. I was so turned on, I did what any Sister Goddess would do, I “uprided” her post (a.k.a. I praised and celebrated her GENIUS!). Her response is what Sistergoddess.com is all about:

OMG. So very exciting…the famous Mama Gena replied to my post. Whhheeee! Made my day, truly you did, Mama Gena. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

In truth, I was expecting a shut down as I have become used to prohibitive responses for many years. It is utterly liberating to be allowed to express my deep, inner, sexual, animal-ness, and then have other women clap and “Yay!” me. I love this site.

Oh, what has my day become but one more celebration of my WildCherry-ness. Being in touch with like-minded women and reading about how they are busily encouraging other women is sheer bliss.

Being on this site is the answer to a long time dream of mine. Women loving on other women, truly. Wow!

I have had the greatest ride of my life by applying Mama Gena’s life-altering principles. Actually “doing” what I read about (in her books and now here) has literally changed my life from that of a frustrated, asexual woman to who I am today…unafraid of my incredible sexuality.

I give Mama Gena’s writings credit for enabling me to break out of my shell. I truly mean credit as I speak of her influence upon my life to those who will listen. She was the first sensibly mature woman to give me permission to pleasure myself, albeit in written form. I took it, then flew.

One day, I plan to hug her neck and laugh with her.

Wild Cherry

“Being in touch with like-minded women and reading about how they are busily encouraging other women…” Isn’t that really what every woman requires? I know you’ve got a side of you that is craving to be seen, accepted, and celebrated. Would you like to be a part of a community that gives you a channel to express what it is what you want to express? Whether it is your wanton sexuality, your sheer exuberance, your desperate loneliness, your visceral anger, or your radiant joy — this community gives you permission to express it all.

Sisterhood. There’s nothing like it. Your paid membership to Sistergoddess.com gives you access to it, 24/7, right from your computer — no matter where you live. It is possible. It’s already happening. And you’re invited to become a member today.

This month we’re researching The Case for Pleasure. August will be about Whetting Your Appetite. You get so many goodies when you become a member of Sistergoddess.com — including reports from the field where women post their pleasure research, like Wild Cherry’s womantra. If you join now, you can read it right now, and then post your own. Fasten your seat belts…it’s a good one! I want to be celebrating YOU next!!

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See you in cyberspace!

With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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