You are not normal

I have always been out there.
Utterly unique.
Outside the box.
Not normal.
And guess what?
So have you.

The dictionary definition of normal is “conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical.”

Nope, there is nothing normal about a woman. Not one thing.

We are born gifted. Incredibly gifted.
As women, we are magical, magnificent, limitless in our capacity to create and invent.
We are built for challenges.

And guess what?
Since you were born gifted, you will never ever ever lead a normal life.

Normalcy is the enemy of giftedness.
Your fuel is in your sensually-activated, creative power.
Creativity happens only on the edge of the outrageous, the wild, the frontier, the unexpected.
There is no creativity, no intuition, no vibrancy, no sensuality, and no inspiration in the normal.

Not to mention, the time of normal is over.
Even if we want it, long for it, it no longer exists.
Whatever boundaries we used to perceive, have all but disintegrated.
Which wonderfully and surprisingly, works for us women.

There are no boundaries to a creatrix.

She can spin a web to catch herself when the ground below her disappears.
Life is her language and creation is what she was born for.
The trenches dug by others are of little matter. She knows the deeper truths and listens well.

I have impeccable timing.
Insane charisma.
Boundless energy.
Huge love.
The ability and training to find the gold in a tonnage of sh*t.
And a fine attunement to the illogical, nonlinear whispers of unseen truths.
Which is what makes space for the miraculous to occur.

For example, last year I was looking for a beach house to rent, andbut instead stumbled instead on a charming but highly disheveled old house that was for sale. I had been semi-looking for a beach house for years, and had something much different in mind. But when I walked into this impossibly trashed little house, there was a voice within me that said, “Yes, this is the one”.

Without an inspection, without hesitation, I told the broker I would buy it. Everyone who knew me was against it. I had never bought a house before. It needed work, as in lots of work, and it did not really make all that much sense.

But I have made a habit of leaping when my deep inner guidance – my GPS* – says leap.

And here it is, a year later, and this is the house that I now call my full time home, after moving here during the pandemic.
This is the house that turned out to be even cuter than I could have imagined.
This is the house that gave Peter, my boyfriend, a chance to show off all of his incredible construction and farming skills. (Who even knew he had any of these?!)

And who knows if I could have even afforded this house, now, a year later, with prices doubling and tripling since the pandemic.
This is the house that was born the same year my mama was born. (A sign from the GPS* that I was indeed in the right place at the right time.)

And, as if I needed a further sign that my choice was divinely guided, a few weeks after we moved in, two horses appeared in the pasture right behind my house. So now, this house has given me another dream come true – I have neighboring horses that I get to feed carrots to and play with every day.

I want all women to become really really skilled at trusting the illogical.

Trusting their timing. Trusting what is in the periphery. It is not just fun and miraculous to tap into these matters, but it is important to be ahead of the curve. Our partners, children, friends, family, colleagues, depend on us to stand in our intuitive knowing and live our path.

Women are built for this.
It’s just that the patriarchal world culture cuts us off from our genius by demanding that we conform to what’s normal.

Connecting to your GPS* is teachable.

There was a time when I was none of these things – courageous, trusting, full of faith in the unknown – but rather, the opposite.
I was scared all the time. Totally lost. Underachieving. Overthinking to the point of deep depression.

Learning to connect with my sensual power has allowed me to find my own navigational certainty and tap into my GPS*, which is why I wrote a course by that name, that I will be launching this fall.

Let’s face it, sister, normal was never who you are. You were never going to be good at it.

How do we plug into the channel where the goddess guides our path?
By doing THE OPPOSITE of what the patriarchal world culture asks us to do.

This is not just a time of explosive change, it is a time to learn to tap into your deepest intuition, join forces with your GPS*, and live your most deeply held desires.

With so much love and pleasure,

*Great Pussy in the Sky

P.S. If you’re ready to kick “normal” to the curb and ignite your inner GPS*, add your name to our Course Waitlist for Fall 2020 and get ready to learn how!/span>

Regena is a feminist icon, a teacher, a speaker, a mother, a best-selling author, and creatrix and CEO of The School of Womanly Arts.

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