Will your 80’s look like this? (The Story of Bebe Weiss)

Are you looking forward to your 60’s? 70’s? 80’s? 90’s?
Or does the thought of aging scare you?
Are you afraid of losing your beauty?
Your sexuality?
Your risk taking?
Doing work you love?
Being loved?
Can you guarantee that your life will continue to get better and better and better over time?
Or is each day a day of walking closer towards ‘less’?

Last night we had a birthday dinner for my Mom. We were on Fire Island, with a houseful of friends, her fiancé, Ted, and her granddaughter.
I cannot reveal her precise age, but, safe to say, she is closer to 90 than she is 60.
Although truth be told, she looks closer to 60.
Now, let’s talk about my Mom. Many of you know her. She works with me and my team at every Mastery.
What does she do?
She is the Bubbe. The Grandmother. The Wise Woman.
Her arms and lap are available to every woman who requires them. And you know, every woman requires the capable love and eyesight of a seasoned woman to guide her on her journey in this life.
She is a rare jewel, my Mama. And she enriches Mastery beyond measure.
But today I want to take you behind the Bubbe, into the extraordinary life of Bebe Weiss, a School of Womanly Arts Graduate. This is a story of what is possible with The Womanly Arts at your fingertips.

Last month, Bebe zip lined.
Yup. You heard me.
Watch the video.

We were at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana, last month. And my daughter asked her to come along, and she agreed.
This is a woman who never says ‘no’ to an adventure. Who always lives a big ‘YES!’ when it comes to taking risks.
She takes more risks and goes on more adventures than most women half her age.

She has been dating the love of her life for the last year, and has been engaged since February. I have never ever seen her happier.
They sing show tunes together, nightly, as Ted plays the piano.
They go to movies, concerts, dinners, parties.
He is a remarkable man, and those of you who were in Mastery 2012 got to meet him at Men’s Night. He just published a remarkable book called “If I Am Only For Myself,” which is part memoir and part Jewish political history.
There is a flavor to love, at this time of life, that is very rich, very seasoned, very precious. The deep appreciation of each moment shared is palpable—like a living prayer.

And Bebe still works at a job she loves. Three days a week, she drives to Norristown, Pa., where she works at Hedwig House. Hedwig House, a nonprofit Psychiatric Rehabilitation agency, was begun as a residential program in 1975, which is when Bebe began working with them. In time it evolved into a “Clubhouse” program with 350 “Members” in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
Quietly, and with no fanfare, she is the backbone of the organization, loved by all, and has worked there longer than anyone else.

I interviewed Bebe, so you could hear her perspectives on what makes her so hot, healthy and happy.

MG: Mama, how is it you always look so gorgeous?
BB: I eat well, exercise, think positively—which was something I learned from you. Also, I am very interested in style and color—which you learned from me. And I dress appropriately for my age, but sort of sexy.
MG: What are the Arts and Tools you use on a daily basis?
BB: Gratitude, flirting, man-training, and self-care.
MG: How many kids and grandkids do you have?
BB: 3 kids, 8 grandkids.
MG: What are your big desires for the future?
BB: My greatest desire is to stay healthy and vibrant. Which is why what you teach is so important. You can’t stay healthy if you are not turned on to yourself or your life. I want to continue to enjoy my life, and travel with Ted.
MG: How did you initially feel about this work?
BB: When you began, I did not know what it was, or what you were doing, and I thought you were crazy. I did not know how to be a support to you. I did not understand your work. But as I slowly learned about it, and saw what you were up to, I began to support you more and more and feel very proud.
MG: Would you say you are a disciplined person? Is it important for a woman to be disciplined?
BB: Discipline and practice is very important in a woman’s life. It’s not just eating and exercise, but it is especially important—for a woman—to practice the discipline of pleasure. The Womanly Arts are what led me to this incredibly full and happy life, and led me to fall in love with my fiancé Ted. To tell you the truth, I flirted my way into his life! And I really use the man-training every day. I am especially good at acknowledging him, which I never knew about before. And it makes all the difference in the world, and makes our relationship so sweet and intimate. I am so grateful to have learned all this!
MG: Mama, you inspire me.

Work you love that serves and inspires.
Being adored by the love of your life.
Zip lining in Montana.
Living the adventure that is Bebe.
I am deeply proud of my Mama.
And my wish for every woman, no matter her age, is for a life this rich, this full, this outrageously fun and deeply gratifying.

In the comments below, tell me: what does Bebe inspire in you? What would it look like to live the adventure that is you? Tell me what are you going to be like when you’re 80. Take a minute to imagine into that.

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With so much love and pleasure,
Mama Gena

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