Have you hit your moment yet?

So, last Sunday I finally finished the first draft of the second chapter of my new book. I was right on deadline, even a few days early. (Quick brag: This book has been writing itself. I am so happy writing it, and it is so much fun­ I feel like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Springsteen­­, at the top of my game­ letting the chords fly from my fingers!)

I was 53 pages of toasted, so I decided to zone out on some random TV, as Maggie and I awaited the start of the new season of Downton Abbey. I cruised past Oprah’s interview with Pharrell, from last April, and tuned in. Have you seen it?

Pharrell spent almost the whole interview in tears. Tears of gratitude at having been given this chance, finally, to sing the song of his truth,­ the music that was his to bring to the world­, and to have it be so incredibly well-received.

He talked about ‘his moment,’­ that this was ‘his time.’ He had spent the previous 20 years supporting other artists­: Madonna, Beyonce, J­Lo, Britney, and many, many more­. A few years before, he had been given the chance to bust out on his own, what looked like it was going to be “his moment” – but his ego messed him up, and he went back behind the scenes of other artists.

But then, last year, with the uber hit “Happy” (did someone say dance break?) and his album G I R L, he went from the background to the foreground. Big time. It almost felt like he was carried there.

It got me thinking about that experience in a woman’s life, when she knows it’s her time, her moment. Her breakthrough. The line in the sand, when that was then, and this is now.


All of us are after the same thing.
That feeling where you just know you are living on starlight.
Where every force that could possibly be summoned has stepped forward on your behalf, sliding you, pushing you forward into a future that is so spectacular, you could barely imagine its riches, its gifts.

Sometimes the moment entails millions of youtube hits and dollars, like Pharell’s.
And sometimes the moment, your moment, comes in quietly, intimately, surprisingly.

You see the light come through a crack in that block that’s been holding you back for decades.
Legendary love enters your life.
You finally leave – the city, the marriage, the career that’s been sucking you dry for years.
You say your life-changing yes.
Or No.

However it looks, when your moment comes, you know, you feel, you get:
“This is my time. My moment. All that I am has been leading to this, right here, right now.”
And all you can do is weep with gratitude.

Oh, Sisters, wow do I want that for you.
It is a must.
The world wants that for you.
twitter pink logo The divine craves your grief-soaked gratitude at the privilege of being you.

This is why the School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program exists.

I’ve watched more women’s storylines than I can count, every one as brilliant and unique as the woman who lives it. On the regular, I experience the profound privilege of witnessing a woman hit her moment.

It’s what I live for. To connect a woman to the intricate, but deeply intuitive, practices that press her into living her time, her moment, her truth.

I’d love to hear from you, in the comments . . . Are you stuck, waiting on your moment for what feels like forever? Or, have you experienced a Moment, your moment – and if so, what do you think made it possible?

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